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Hey there!

Some of you may recognize me from the blog Salt N’ Prepper. If you don’t, I mention it because it was a pretty successful blog centered around prepping (emergency preparedness). I absolutely loved running the Salt N’ Prepper blog, but one fateful day I was sitting around doing nothing and following a ring at the doorbell, I found an adorable 7lb 6oz baby on my doorstep (That’s not really what happened…) We named him M’Kaius and from then on I became a mommy.


It was at this point in my life that I realized that running a specialty blog was becoming progressively difficult. Up until the arrival of the previously mentioned baby I was able to be obsessive about prepping and still have time for all of the other shiz niz I liked to do. No longer my friends. I have been adopted into the circle of “professional mommies”. Being called a “professional mommy” is kind of like being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A doc tells you, you have IBS because he really has no idea what the F is wrong with you. People call you a “professional mommy” because no one can really label what mommies spend all day doing. It’s like you’re a caretaker, chef, nurse, maid, handyman, security guard, grizzly bear and party clown all rolled into one. There’s really no name for that kind of position.

On top of the professional mommy role, I’ve continued in my work life as a freelance graphic designer and writer. Then sprinkle on top my hobbies like prepping and aspirations of being a DIY’er and its pretty clear why my niche blog had to settle down into retirement. So here’s to all you peeps just like me, who appreciate that variety is the spice of life! (and suffer from a manageable amount of A.D.D.)

*For those of you who care, I am currently in the works of redirecting Salt N’ Prepper’s most popular articles to remakes here on JessicaHooley.com

Subject Matter

I started this blog to write about all the different twists and turns in my life and experience. I cook, so you can plan on recipes. I take care of a baby, so look for mommy tips. I’m getting ready to build a house, so I’ll be posting DIY’s. Prepping, awkward situations, graphic design work, exercise, politics…it’s all up for grabs here. If you’d like to see something specific from me (especially relating to prepping) I would be happy to oblige. Just pop on over to my contact page and shoot me a line.

Code of Conduct

I cherish all of the support and constructive criticism that is sent my way. Really the whole purpose of blogging is to build a community, so without you guys there’s nothing. Unfortunately the internet is known for giving people a sort of pseudo-ego where they feel like they can openly trash others without any repercussions simply because they’re safe hiding behind their computer screen. To those of you who choose to participate in this kind of behavior :

I will find you, and I will kill you


I’m kidding but I’m serious. Let’s all just be nice here.


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